PRESS: Ocala and Gainesville, FL Chose AeroVironment EV Charging Stations To Make Their Cities Eco Friendly

Jun 25, 2015

Following in other eco-conscious states' footsteps, Florida cities like Ocala and Gainesville have recently installed their first public electric car charging stations to make their cities greener. City authorities chose AeroVironment EVSE-RS public charging stations to serve their growing plug-in hybrid and EV-driving community. Watch WCJB-TV's report on the latest efforts to make Florida cities more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

PRESS: KGW's Grant McOmie's Scenic Roadtrip Using AeroVironment EV charging Network Along The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Jun 23, 2015

Watch KGV Portland's Grant McOmie's adventures driving an all-electric Nissan LEAF on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, which traces the entire Oregon coastline along Highway 101. Grant used our EV charging network along the West Coast Electric Highway to 'refuel', and during one of his stops, he met up with Ashley Horvat, VP of PlugShare, who demonstrated the ease of using our EV 50 fast charger.


Our network is available to subscribers and on a pay-by session basis using the PlugShare mobile app.To learn more about these options for our EV charging network in Washington and Oregon, visit our EV Network page.

AeroVironment and Recargo Introduce PlugShare’s Convenient In-App Payment Option, Pay With PlugShare, to Access the West Coast Electric Highway’s Fast Charging Network

Jun 16, 2015

AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVAV) and Recargo, developer of PlugShare, the most extensive map of electric vehicle charging stations, today introduced a new easy payment option for EV drivers charging on the West Coast Electric Highway fast charging network in Oregon and Washington. EV drivers can now access and pay for AeroVironment’s DC fast chargers and Level 2 charging stations through Recargo’s PlugShare mobile app on a pay per charge basis. There is no additional cost for this service.

 Access and pay for AeroVironment’s DC fast chargers and Level 2 charging stations in Oregon and Washington from the PlugShare mobile app
·        Fast charging for $7.50 per session, Level 2 charging for $4.00 per session; unlimited charging available directly from AeroVironment
·        The PlugShare mobile app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play

Federal Tax Credit for Electric and Plug-in Hybrids Up To $7500

Mar 05, 2015

Electric vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) purchased in or after 2010 may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The credit amount will vary based on the capacity of the battery used to fuel the vehicle. Find out if your model qualifies & how much you can save with this credit on EV models and on PHEV models. You can use Form 8936 to figure your credit for qualified EVs or PHEVs you placed in service during your tax year.



Home EV Charging Nuts and Bolts (or is it “Volts and Amps”?)

Mar 04, 2015

In general, most electric vehicle charging occurs at home and at night. Night time charging is both convenient and “green” – it occurs at a time when drivers are usually sleeping and the power grid is less stressed, often with a surplus of unused wind energy. What’s behind “home charging” – the regimen that seems like the simplest and most basic form of recharging your EV?


Your Guide to a Safe, Fast, and Thorough EV Charging Station Installation

Mar 03, 2015

So you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase a plug-in or plug-in hybrid electric car - and you’ve heard that a “Level 2” charging dock at home can reduce your charge time significantly compared to the 110V standard-outlet plug that comes with your vehicle.  You may have also heard that a Level 2 charging dock’s electrical requirement is similar to those of a clothes dryer. Sounds like an easy installation, right?

State Incentives for Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Mar 03, 2015

There are many perks to purchasing an electric car or a plug-in hybrid. Aside from the growing list of federal and state-based incentives, carpool lane access, tax credits toward the purchase of the car and its charging equipment, discount on insurance fees, and reduced EV utility rates are amongst the benefits that come with buying an alternative-fuel car.


To find out about the latest incentives available in your state, visit the US Department of Energy's site Alternative Fuels Data Center.

New Website Designed to Calculate Your Energy Cost Savings Driving an EV

Mar 01, 2015

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) and the team at the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center have developed EV Explorer, a new website that helps prospective EV buyers browse through their options to see how a plug-in electric car might fit into their lives, and how different EV and gas-powered models stack up against each other.

A Must-Have App to Locate EV Charging Stations: PlugShare

Feb 05, 2015

Considered by many electric vehicle owners a must have, the PlugShare app can help you find places to charge your EV or to plan your EV trip. While on the road, you can use the PlugShare app to locate public charging stations, as well as home chargers shared by individuals, and as a convenient way to connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. It is available as a free application for iOS, Android, and web. Some of the key features include:

THE BUSINESS OF CHARGING: Commercial EV Charging Station Installations

Feb 04, 2015

Business owners and managers are realizing that the electric vehicle revolution is here - and that charging stations installed in their buildings and parking lots have the potential to add value, offer a competitive differentiation, and bring in new customers. Charging stations can be installed at the following locations and more:

  • Shopping malls and large retailer parking lots
  • Apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Places of employment
  • City-wide public charging networks
  • Fleet depots (e.g. delivery vans, public transportation, taxis, rental cars)
  • Airports
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • Amusement parks, museums, libraries and other visitor destinations