Recharge Your EV up to 5x Faster – from the Comfort of Home

Sep 11, 2015

As an EV owner, you’ve already done away with those annoying, time-wasting trips to the gas station. However, the Level 1 charger your EV came with just isn’t cutting it. Are the lengthy charge times (up to 18 hours!) and short distances you can drive between charging sessions bringing you down? It’s time to explore your charging options. It’s true. Installing a more advanced Level 2 EV charger is easier – and less expensive – than you might think.  After all – time is money – and who couldn’t use more hours in the day?



Our Level 2 chargers (such as a hardwire or plug-in station or our TurboCord) can charge your EV up to 5 times faster. What used to take up more than ¾ of your day can now take as little as 3 hours. This means you have more time to focus on what’s really important. Get back on the road and spend time with family. Have dinner with friends. Cheer your kid on at their soccer game. Stop wasting hours and hours charging your car – and enjoy life.


It’s simple. An electrician can install a 240V circuit from an existing breaker panel and make the connection to the station or charger. Done!  After your charger is installed, check with your utility company, as some offer discounted rate plans for owners of vehicles with rechargeable battery packs. Make sure to choose the right utility plan: in certain areas, it can mean the difference between paying $0.10 or $0.35 per kilowatt-hour of electricity. That’s enough to run a standard EV for 3 or 4 miles. Many special EV charging rate plans offer reduced rates during off-peak or nighttime hours – so if you’re charging up while everyone’s sleeping, you’re saving even more.


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Happy charging!