Invest in a Greener Future

Our EV chargers are ideal for workplace, hotels, retail establishments, shopping malls, airports, business parks, and much more.

  • Attract top talent and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Show your company’s green leadership and help achieve corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Attract high income EV drivers and increase valuable foot-traffic to your establishment.

EV Chargers for your Business

Low cost and easy-to-use dual voltage charger (120V/240V) which can leverage your existing electrical infrastructure. For added security, use our low cost outdoor cover kits or install NEMA 6-20 outlets and have drivers bring their own.

NEW PRODUCT! This easy-to-use charging station utilizes smartphone-enabled Bluetooth access control. No network fees and low installation costs means that TurboDock provides the lowest total cost of ownership.

240V 30A EV charging station will maximize your charge time and plug-in opportunities. Mount a single unit to the wall or configure up to 4 units on a pedestal..

Recharge up to 80% in 30 minutes or less. CHAdeMo compliant and network enabled. Perfect for large deployments with many subscribers for rest stops, commercial fleets, and highway networks. Requires that vehicles have CHAdeMo fast-charge ports (e.g. Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi I-MIEV, Kia Soul).



The New Standard For A Great Place To Work. Meet employee needs and benefit from an improved workplace experience while meeting your sustainability goals.
Workplace Charging

Why & How


If you are an Employee


  • Added travel flexibility
  • Faster commute via access to HOV lanes
  • Save on your work commute cost
  • Increase the number of zero-emission miles driven to commute
  • Help local air quality


  • Research available incentives
  • Recruit your coworkers to support
  • Submit a request to your company’s management or key decision makers
Recommended resource: US Department of Energy website

If you are an Employer


  • Helps meet your corporate sustainability goals
  • Attract and retain high quality workforce
  • Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Meet greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Help local air quality
  • “Green” company image enhances your brand


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