Customer Testimonials
  • Benjamin A. Aronson

    WOW!!! I ordered the 120/220 Dual charger and installed it per the recommended installation without a hitch. I really want to point out that most if not all other home chargers require a minimum 30 to 50 Amp breaker. AV's solution works on a 20 Amp circuit just fine. I am the owner of a 2014 Ford C-Max Energi and with the AV Turbocord I am able to get a full charge in 2 hours, That is awesome!!!! Great product and great service! So for all of you skeptics out there, this little portable charger works just as well as the permanently mounted home chargers, so get yours today!!!

    Benjamin A. Aronson
  • Julie Labin

    The electric charging station is the newest component of our green initiative program, and I’m especially excited about it because we are able to serve the needs of the community. More and more every day we see EV’s coming here to charge. I had the opportunity to speak with about a half a dozen charging station manufacturers and AV stood out from all the rest. Aerovironment was very helpful in making sure that we chose the right location and that we had access to the power supply to facilitate the charger. At the end of the day after every other company I spoke with I didn’t feel like it was a hard decision at all to go with AeroVironment.

    Julie Labin Director of Sustainability for the Malibu Country Mart & Cost Real Estate Investments
  • Tonia Buell

    We were looking for a partner that could come in and design, install, maintain and operate this electric vehicle equipment. Aerovironment was selected; they rose to the top of the heap because of their project management skills, their technology, and innovation. They are innovative problem solvers, they are professional; things are going very well. It’s really about customer confidence and through our partnership with AeroVironment we will have charging every 40 to 60 miles through our major roadways.

    Tonia Buell Project Development Manager for the West Coast Electric Highway, Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Daniel Hytowitz

    It's tiny and it works great! If you need a compact EVSE charger cord or any charger interface it is impossible to beat this [TurboCord Dual]. It's super small and has a good length of cord for most sites (20'). It does have a limit of 16 amps (just shy of 4,000 watts) but in most applications that's fine. I am pretty sure future chargers will be copying this! I got the dual version in case, but I mostly use 240.

    Daniel Hytowitz Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Rob Snyder

    Great Electric Car Charger! Bought this charger [Nissan 30A] to use with my new 2015 Nissan Leaf. Was trying to get by at first with just using a regular house outlet for charging, but it was painfully slow. So I bought this charger and had a local electrician install it and the charger looks great and does a fantastic job of charging my Leaf typically in just a few short hours! Would definitely recommend! It makes a world of difference!

    Rob Snyder Cromwell, CT
  • Ashley Horvat

    The Oregon State Department of Transportation contracted AeroVironment (AV) to install, operate and maintain 32 fast chargers in Oregon along the I-5 corridor. It’s been great working with AV, it’s been an extremely collaborative process. They’re ready to adapt and move forward and whenever we have any issues everybody is ready to address those challenges and move forward to get this infrastructure in place as soon as possible. AV has been doing this for 20 years, they came up with the first EV model Impact car and we feel confident that with that experience it’s going to lend itself well to really executing our project with efficiency. We also feel that their charging infrastructure going into the Southern Oregon 8 looks great and people are very excited to start using it.

    Ashley Horvat Transportation Electrification Project Manager, Oregon State Department of Transportation
  • Cindy Brettler

    TurboCord Best EV Charger!! So glad that I found this cord in my internet search! The website was terrifically informative, and the person I called (Summer?) and spoke with was friendly, and made me feel very confident in ordering this item. Our electrician came & put in the outlet on Monday, & the cord came on Tuesday - I plugged it in, & what a difference it has made from my 120 volt charging! THANK YOU TurboCord!!

    Cindy Brettler Seattle, WA
  • Visesh

    Excellent product [Nissan RS 30A]. Placed the order over the phone, received the product in 24 hrs. Excellent customer service from George (sales associate) pre and post sales. Very easy to install comes with the wall plate. Spectacular performance. Overall highly recommended. Above all neighbors’ envy and owner's pride.

    Visesh Torrance, CA
  • John Jester

    110v overnight charging was OK for most trips to work. But when needing to go back out the same day, 110v charging is too slow to make a difference. Had an electrician install the NEMA 6-20 240 VAC outlet and cut our charge time in half with the TurboCord 240V charger. Excellent quality product and lower cost that a normal full size EV charger which we didn't really need since the Energi cannot charge any faster. This cord and solution was perfect.

    John Jester Westerville, OH
  • Spence Mitchum

    From the planning stages, design and installation, AeroVironment worked seamlessly with our contractor and sub-contractor to install the station within our existing design. We are happy to be part of a growing charging network in Southern California, it gives our guests the reassurance that they can come to our hotel and not worry about having to recharge their vehicle.

    Spence Mitchum Co-Developer, Hotel Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA
  • Carl Norum

    Perfect Product [TurboCord Dual] I found a NEMA 6-20 plug in my garage and asked a friend for what EV charger to get; he recommended TurboCord and I couldn't be happier!

    Carl Norum San Jose, CA
  • Sam

    AeroVironment was fantastic. They came in, looked at our facility, told us what we’d need and what we wouldn’t. I thought it was going to cost us way more than what it really was. They showed us how to save money, they did a great job. I’m really excited to work with AeroVironment.

    Sam General Manager, OC Nissan, CA
  • A. J. McEwen

    Excellent Product [TurboCord Dual] Purchased the Turbo Cord to charge my new 2015 Nissan Leaf. Works as advertised. Well made, easy to use and very convenient. This is a GREAT product if you purchase an EV, and plan to charge using 240\120 Volt for charging.

    A. J. McEwen Glenburnie, Ontario, Canada
  • Warren Bailey

    Works Perfectly [AV 30A RS]! Well designed and easy to install charger. Performs exactly as expected. Good documentation also, and delivery was very quick. Couple question I had regarding models were answered quickly by sales staff.

    Warren Bailey Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
  • Imran Ishaq

    AV has a knowledgeable, friendly, polite and customer focused phone support staff. I appreciated talking with support agents, who responded immediately and made every effort to satisfy my request.

    Imran Ishaq Gurnee, IL
  • Angie Simon

    Easy to use and Install charger [Ford 30A RS] The Ford 30 RSVP was very easy to install and works great. I would recommend it to all!

    Angie Simon Redwood City, CA