Your Guide to a Safe, Fast, and Thorough EV Charging Station Installation

Mar 03, 2015

So you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase a plug-in or plug-in hybrid electric car - and you’ve heard that a “Level 2” charging dock at home can reduce your charge time significantly compared to the 110V standard-outlet plug that comes with your vehicle.  You may have also heard that a Level 2 charging station’s electrical requirement is similar to those of a clothes dryer. Sounds like an easy installation, right?

   Because your charging dock is a special piece of electrical equipment that you will depend on for reliable, daily transportation, you should look for an installer who is certified specifically in the installation of electric vehicle support equipment. Read on for a brief overview of what such an expert can bring to your experience.




Think of your certified installer as your own personal EV charging expert. Before installing, he’ll conduct a site consultation at your home to evaluate your electrical system and review your needs as a driver. An experienced and certified installer will offer you options based on your needs, such as a dedicated Level 1 circuit for easy troubleshooting, or a pedestal-mounted Level 2 charging dock for charging in your driveway or carport. You’ll be guided through the entire process, with insightful recommendations on installation particulars and product features that best suit your needs.


      The best installers are also highly skilled at evaluating your existing electrical system to ensure that your charging dock and any electrical upgrades will work perfectly now and in the future. Whether your power needs change or you decide to purchase another EV with a charge receptacle in a different location on the car’s body, your certified installer is dialed into the present - and future - of the EV movement, improving the chances that your first EV charging dock installation will be your last.



Hassle-Free Permitting and Inspection


Installers like those in AeroVironment’s expanding network of certified, licensed EV charging electricians, are trained rigorously on the big installation requirements - but they’re also experts in local permitting requirements. As electricians in your own community, these certified installers will not only know which permits are necessary - but they’ll apply for the permit, provide any detailed documents of the layout and installation process that the permitting office requires, and secure the permit for you. This saves you a lot of trouble.

      Because of the newness of EV chargers, some municipalities require documentation such as line drawings of the charging dock and hard wiring, site plans, load calculations, product specifications, and operating instructions.  The municipality will check these documents to verify that the proposed installation meets proper requirements that are specific to the installation of EV charging docks. Certified EV charging installers know how to prepare the documents and streamline the process.  And because they’re certified, they know how to approach your installation from the best angle - without relying on you to figure it out.


Reliability and Safety


A certified EV charging installer will make sure that your charging dock is installed in the right place, the right way, and with the appropriate upgrades and options required to make your charging dock safe and reliable. It’s important to treat the installation of this equipment as seriously as you would any other electrical device in your home. Installations require some or all of the following: upgrades to your electrical panel, running conduit, locating a safe place to mount your charging dock, ensuring weather-tight installation, and making sure that your ground and power wires are safely connected to the terminal blocks inside the unit. But perhaps most importantly, the certified installer will conduct a rigorous 22-point test and inspection to ensure that your charging dock is working safely and reliably - before you even plug into your vehicle. Installers certified by AeroVironment are trained to employ a charging dock servicing device that can simulate an EV and diagnose charging issues without opening the charging dock. Precautions such as these are designed to protect your vehicle and ensure a seamless driving experience.


Ongoing Support


Most Level 2 EVSE charging docks come with warranties - but when installed by a qualified and certified EV charging installer such as one of AeroVironment’s licensed experts, you should receive a warranty that includes much more. Phone support and timely trouble shooting are perhaps the most important elements of the warranty - because you never want to be without a charging dock, or the use of your new electric car.  If further troubleshooting is necessary, your certified installer and service provider should provide on-site service as part of your standard warranty. A licensed electrician who is knowledgeable and certified specifically in the installation of EV charging equipment is the smart choice to go with your smart car. Licensed electricians who are also experts in this nascent market are rare, so be sure to ask the right questions.




One Day Standard Installation*


We can schedule a one day appointment to complete the installation of your charging station. Call our Customer Service Center to see if you qualify, 1-888-833-2148. Our network of AV EV-certified licensed electricians are experienced in all local installation codes. Installation comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.


Standard Installation Includes:


  • 40 Ampere 240-volt circuit breaker in existing utility panel
  • 30 feet or less of feeder from utility panel to wall mounted charging station
  • Charging station will be installed at customer preferred location per assessment
  • Charging station will be fully tested and certified as operational
  • Customer will be trained on operation and troubleshooting
  • Permit will be pulled (fees may apply)
  • Industry leading warranty
  • 3 years parts and labor
  • 24 x 7 call center support


3-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor


When installed by an our trained technicians your new charging station will come with a 3-year warranty on both parts and labor. This means, in addition to our 3 year hardware warranty, AV will also provide on-site technical support, within one business day, to determine and resolve your charging issue. In the event your charging station needs to be replaced, our technicians will provide and install your replacement unit. For further assistance we also offer our toll free customer help desk, staffed 24/7, to answer any of your charging related questions.


Not Included:


  • Custom Work: Work outside of the scope of the standard installation described above will be at extra cost, and sold by the AV Certified Installers directly to the consumer. AV has negotiated regional contractor pricing to ensure controls on pricing and customer experience. Please note - for any installation package that is purchased for a condo or HOA restricted residential dwelling there is a high likelihood that there will be additional custom charges. These charges will be determined and quoted to you before they are charged to your credit card. You may cancel your installation at any time prior to the commencement of the installation.
  • Permit and Permit Fees: The contractor will inform the consumer of the cost of the permit fees prior to pulling the permit. (If required, depending on the local authority having jurisdiction)


Explore our Installation Bundle Offerings here or call our Customer Service Center to see if you qualify, 1-888-833-2148.