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Which Charger Is Right For You?
  • Difference L1, L2, L3

    Charging at home or on the go?
    Learn the difference between
    Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

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    Difference between Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Charging



    120 Volt Cordset
    • 120 VAC standard outlet
    • Delivers power from the wall to the vehicle’s on-board charger
    • Time from fully depleted to fully charged: average 7-29+ hours
    • Typically provided with your Electric Vehicle


    240 Volt PortableCordset or Wall-mounted Charging Station
    • 208-240 VAC installation
    • Delivers AC power from the wall to the on-board charger
    • Time from fully depleted to fully charged: average 2-10+ hours depending on vehicle.


    High-powered DC Fast-charge Station
    • 400-600 VAC installation
    • Delivers DC energy bypassing the on-board charger
    • Time from fully depleted to fully charged in about 30 minutes
  • Why L2?

    Charge your electric vehicle
    3 to 5 times faster with a Level 2
    charger - and get back on the

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    Why Level 2?


    Level 2 chargers allow you to charge your electric car in just a few hours while you sleep, work, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family. A level 2 charger safely delivers AC power to your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid so you’re always “fueled up” and ready to go.

    • Charge nearly 3 to 5 times faster than a level 1 cordset and get more miles in less time.
    • Reliable, safe, convenient, and energy efficient charging
    • Save money by charging your EV during off-peak times
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  • Different L2 Options

    Explore Level 2 charging
    options available for you electric

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    Different L2 Options


    Level 2 charging refers to the voltage that the electric vehicle charger uses (240 volts). Level 2 chargers come in a variety of amperages typically ranging from 16 amps to 40 amps. The two most common Level 2 chargers are 16 and 30 amps, which also may be referred to as 3.3 kW and 7.2 kW respectively. These two amperages are the most common because they match the onboard charger (OBC) on many of the current electric vehicles.

    • Depending on the amperages, the difference between Level 2 chargers could be significant in charging times. Compare charging times with our Time To Charge Guide.
    • Explore your options for both 16 and 30 amp chargers in our online store.
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Charging Times

Charging times vary by the type of Charging Station and the vehicles on-board charger. These charge times are approximate.*

Full Battery Electric
(6.6kW on-board charger) e.g. Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus EV
(3.3kW on-board charger) e.g. Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion or CMAX Energi, Volvo XC90 T8
Level 1
120 V 1.4kW
~4.5 miles of range/hour ~4.5 miles of range/hour
Level 2
240 V 3.8kW
~12 miles of range/hour ~12 miles of range/hour
Level 2
240 V 7.2kW
~26 miles of range/hour ~12 miles of range/hour
Level 3
DC Fast Charger
~40 miles every 10 mins** N/A

* Charge times can vary based on vehicle and/or environmental conditions.

** DC Fast Charging requires CHAdeMO fast charge port not available in all models.


Installation Options

Our nationwide network of fully trained and certified installers is comprised of licensed electricians who make supporting you their #1 goal. 

Purchase your Home charging station installation bundle quickly and easily through our online store. 


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