Innovative Workplace and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Take Control Of Your Charging

The control is all yours with TurboDock. Whether charging is open to the public or limited just to select users, TurboDock allows you to setup access control through the easy-to-use mobile app. Set up one universal PIN, create individual PINs for your EV drivers or configure the station for open access, so no codes are required - it's up to you.

Compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, iTouch 5th Gen, or Android device 4.3 or later.

Maximize Your Investment

TurboDock is a highly cost-effective charging solution: unlike networked chargers that require that you pay monthly access fees to the manufacturer, TurboDock doesn’t come with recurring fees. It maximizes the use of your existing electrical infrastructure, and it costs less to install than Level 2 chargers with higher draw (30A or more).

Gives You Flexibility.

The modular nature of TurboDock gives you flexibility for a wide variety of parking configurations. You can start with dual pedestal TurboDock charging stations and easily add more ports later as the number of EV drivers increase.

The New Standard For
A Great Place To Work.

Looking to gain a competitive edge when hiring new employees and retain the great ones you already have? TurboDock makes it easy and affordable to offer EV charging to your employees, clients, and visitors.

Meet their needs and benefit from an improved corporate image while meeting your sustainability goals.

Think Differently About Charging.

TurboDock is a dual voltage (Level 1/Level 2), 16 Amp EV charging station designed for workplaces and for establishments where cars are parked for two or more hours. TurboDock delivers 12-15 miles per hour of charge*, ensuring that your EV drivers will be able to fully recharge from their daily commute in 4 hours or less.**

TurboDock is cost-effective and ideal for establishments that prefer the optional mobile access control, and choose to offer EV charging as an amenity or on a fixed fee basis.

* Charging times may very depending on the car models.
** Based on average one-way employee commute of 20 miles or less.

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how it can benefit your employees and business.

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  • The Oregon State Department of Transportation contracted AeroVironment (AV) to install, operate and maintain 32 fast chargers in Oregon along the I-5 corridor. It’s been great working with AV, it’s been an extremely collaborative process. They’re ready to adapt and move forward and whenever we have any issues everybody is ready to address those challenges and move forward to get this infrastructure in place as soon as possible. AV has been doing this for 20 years, they came up with the first EV model Impact car and we feel confident that with that experience it’s going to lend itself well to really executing our project with efficiency. We also feel that their charging infrastructure going into the Southern Oregon 8 looks great and people are very excited to start using it.

    Ashley HorvatTransportation Electrification Project Manager, Oregon State Department of Transportation
  • From the planning stages, design and installation, AeroVironment worked seamlessly with our contractor and sub-contractor to install the station within our existing design. We are happy to be part of a growing charging network in Southern California, it gives our guests the reassurance that they can come to our hotel and not worry about having to recharge their vehicle.

    Spence MitchumCo-Developer, Hotel Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA
  • We were looking for a partner that could come in and design, install, maintain and operate this electric vehicle equipment. Aerovironment was selected; they rose to the top of the heap because of their project management skills, their technology, and innovation. They are innovative problem solvers, they are professional; things are going very well. It’s really about customer confidence and through our partnership with AeroVironment we will have charging every 40 to 60 miles through our major roadways.

    Tonia BuellProject Development Manager for the West Coast Electric Highway, Washington State Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any network or subscription fees for using TurboDock?
A: No. TurboDock EV Charging Stations utilize Bluetooth connectivity so there are no cellular network fees or subscription fees.
Q: What type of smartphone do I need to use TurboDock EV charging stations?
A: The TurboDock app is compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, iTouch 5th Gen, or Android device 4.3 or later.
Q: I am an EV drivers. What is the best way to get charging at my workplace?
A: As part of the Workplace Challenge, the Department of Energy provides EV drivers with tools on how to educate your employers on the benefits of installing EV chargers. View the tools here http://energy.gov/eere/vehicles/help-your-employer-install-electric-vehicle-charging
Q: How do I set up the TurboDock charging station with access control?
A: It’s easy. Once the charger is installed, you can use our Quick Start Guide to identify the charger and enter a single access code for all EV drivers. This is the simplest way to set up the charger with access control. You can also provide individual access codes to your EV drivers, if you choose. We’ve seen that most times, one access code, is the sufficient and best way to set up the charging station.
Q: Are there federal or state incentives for installing EV charging stations at my workplace?
A: Possibly. Refer to the Department of Energy’s website for Federal and state laws and incentives http://www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/

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