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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any network or subscription fees for using TurboDock?
A: No. TurboDock EV Charging Stations utilize Bluetooth connectivity so there are no cellular network fees or subscription fees.
Q: What type of smartphone do I need to use TurboDock EV charging stations?
A: The TurboDock app is compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, iTouch 5th Gen, or Android device 4.3 or later.
Q: I am an EV drivers. What is the best way to get charging at my workplace?
A: As part of the Workplace Challenge, the Department of Energy provides EV drivers with tools on how to educate your employers on the benefits of installing EV chargers. View the tools here http://energy.gov/eere/vehicles/help-your-employer-install-electric-vehicle-charging
Q: How do I set up the TurboDock charging station with access control?
A: It’s easy. Once the charger is installed, you can use our Quick Start Guide to identify the charger and enter a single access code for all EV drivers. This is the simplest way to set up the charger with access control. You can also provide individual access codes to your EV drivers, if you choose. We’ve seen that most times, one access code, is the sufficient and best way to set up the charging station.
Q: Are there federal or state incentives for installing EV charging stations at my workplace?
A: Possibly. Refer to the Department of Energy’s website for Federal and state laws and incentives http://www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/

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